Scaling Your FranDev Team Successfully: Insights from Don Schin on The Advisory Board Podcast

Franchise development Insights from Don Schin on The Advisory Board Podcast


The stakes are high, and the competition is fierce in the franchise business, so understanding the nuances of franchise development becomes critical. This article delves into the expert insights shared by Don Schin on The Advisory Board podcast hosted by Dave Hansen. With his extensive franchise development and sales background, Don offers a deep dive into the strategies that can help franchisors and franchisees tackle the industry’s complexities, especially during uncertain economic times.

As a seasoned professional with over two decades in Fortune 500 companies and significant expertise in franchising, Don brings a unique perspective that combines corporate experience with entrepreneurial acumen. This article will explore key moments from the podcast, emphasizing Don’s advice and experiences to provide a roadmap for successful franchise development.

A critical aspect discussed is the effective management and training of franchise development teams. Don emphasizes the significance of assembling skilled and motivated teams equipped with the right tools to drive franchise sales success. He recalls lessons learned from his experiences, including insights from the BAI conference, and highlights the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to keep sales teams engaged and effective.

Impact of Election Years on Franchise Sales (4:26-6:50)

During the podcast, Don Schin highlighted election years’ significant impact on franchise sales. He noted, “Election years bring a layer of unpredictability that can drastically affect franchise decision-making processes.” This period often sees potential franchisees hesitating due to economic uncertainties, disrupting the usual pattern of business operations and extending sales cycles sometimes beyond 100 days. Understanding these trends is crucial for franchise professionals looking to navigate the challenges presented during such times effectively.

The Emotional Journey of Buying a Franchise (14:45-18:45)

Don passionately spoke about the emotional journey involved in purchasing a franchise. “Buying a franchise isn’t just a financial decision; it’s an emotional one,” Don explained. Franchisors must engage with potential buyers on an emotional level to facilitate successful closures. This involves understanding and addressing the fears, aspirations, and motivations that drive buyers towards or away from making such significant life changes.

Situational Sales Coaching and Pipeline Management (24:03-25:52)

Effective sales process management is pivotal in franchising. Don emphasized the importance of situational sales coaching and detailed pipeline management to improve conversion rates and achieve better sales outcomes. He shared insights on how franchisors can refine their approach to handling leads more effectively and converting them into successful franchisees by focusing more on quality rather than quantity.

Building Relationships with Franchise Consultants (31:28-34:53)

Building strong relationships with franchise consultants can significantly enhance lead quality and sales success. Don highlighted the mutual benefits of these relationships, recounting personal anecdotes that illustrate how these partnerships have facilitated his success. “Working closely with consultants who thoroughly understand your brand can lead to more qualified leads and better alignment with prospective franchisees,” he stated.

The Future of Franchise Development (29:27-31:38)

Looking ahead, Don shared his predictions for the franchising industry and the necessary adaptations for franchise development teams. He spoke about upcoming challenges and opportunities, including market trends and technological advancements that could redefine franchising.


Don Schin’s appearance on The Advisory Board Podcast provided invaluable insights into the art and science of franchise development. His experiences and strategies, particularly in understanding the emotional aspects of buying a franchise and adapting to changing market conditions, offer franchisors and franchisees actionable guidance to thrive in a competitive environment.

As the franchise industry evolves, the insights shared by experienced professionals like Don are vital for shaping the future of franchise sales and development. By focusing on the human elements of the business and embracing adaptive strategies, franchise professionals can look forward to surviving and thriving in the franchise market. To dive deeper into Don Schin’s insights, take advantage of the full episode on The Advisory Board Podcast.

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