Franchise CRM Solution Built by Franchise Owners for Franchise Owners

Where ClientTether Began

Like you, as a fellow Franchisor, our CEO and Founder, Conrad Kolba, once struggled with many challenges. As the founder and consultant for various franchise brands, he noticed a substantial decrease in the engagement of new leads and how that negatively impacted marketing ROI and franchisee performance.

Regular CRMs couldn't fix the problem, and getting back lost customers was too costly. So, he got to work and created a franchise CRM solution that could truly resolve the problem- and that's how ClientTether was born.

And it worked.

Many companies started using our franchise management software- their lead conversion rates shot up 75-300%, customer loyalty went through the roof, and franchise owners had more time to focus on other essential aspects of their business. It really made a difference.

Our commitment to premium customer service

The key to our success is our commitment to provide premium customer experiences. We take a unique approach to treating our clients with exceptional care. We assign a dedicated human representative based in the USA for every customer who signs up for ClientTether to guide them through the software personally. Clients can easily reach out to their designated representative through a quick call, email, or calendar link at any time.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation stands out as the best in the industry, a fact that echoes in reviews across all industry and software review sites. Satisfied customers praise our franchise software and highlight our team's exceptional support in reviews, often naming specific team members for their outstanding service.

ClientTether Cracked the Code of Customer Retention

Embark on a personalized tour with us and explore our software's impressive impact and potential for your franchise business. Experience the true power of our franchise management software!

Get To Know The Team

Contact Grouping and Management
Conrad Kolba

He has more than 20 years in the franchise space and was the original founder of Five Star Painting/Franchising. Conrad was also one of the founders of Franchise Foundry, and the founder of Stratify which are both incubators for small and emerging franchise systems. Conrad’s also a soccer and hockey coach, and despite a rough high stick a few years ago, he’s still an avid hockey player.

Dave Hansen

Dave has been leading teams and growing companies across several industries for the past 20 years. He’s focused that effort on the franchising industry for the past 5 years, and has helped hundreds of organizations transform their franchise sales and unit operations in that time. He’s a baseball coach, loves blacksmithing, hiking, collecting minerals and gems, reading and writing books.

Kent Hall

Kent brings a breadth and depth of experience to our technology group that has helped us revolutionize the way we deliver services and our overall client experience in ClientTether. He’s unafraid to work under the pressure of a deadline, loves to dig into client needs to find technology solutions to them, and he’s focused on our clients’ overall success in and out of our platform. He’s also been a multi-location franchise owner, he’s a fantastic grandpa, and he loves gardening.

Kurt Brown

Kurt has been with ClientTether for almost 6 years, and in that tenure has helped build out our world-class client success team from the ground up. With more than 15 years of business ownership experience, Kurt understands what it takes to help a business grow. He’s nuts about the BYU Cougars, he grew up in Alaska, he loves his new hybrid Jeep, and he’s a proud dad and Grandpa!

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