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If you’re exhausted from trying to fit square technology pegs into round franchise industry holes, you’ve come to the right place.

ClientTether has quickly become the top-rated franchise CRM in the industry by simplifying multi-location management and streamlining operations with our franchise management software.

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Our Franchising Roots

Overseeing multiple locations nationally and managing a high-volume home service, B2B service, elderly care, pet care, or any other franchise business model can be challenging. This is what led our founder (and serial franchisor) to start designing ClientTether a decade ago. We simplify the complexity of franchising by offering robust franchise CRM software with integrated automations and communication tools as a solid foundation for franchises and other multi-location businesses to build upon.

Our Franchise CRM Software Offers a Suite of Features

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Whether you’re leading a franchise sales team, or you’re responsible for growing franchisee unit performance, you’ll be grateful you found our simple yet powerful lead response and sales follow-up tools. By fully integrating and automating text messaging, emailing, and calling, we can increase answer rates by 40% and overall lead conversion by as much as 300%.

Contact Grouping and Management

Reporting and Organization

Staying organized is the key to success for every franchise. Rather than spending hours each week to manually tabulate data from disparate sources, our clients enjoy dynamic dashboards and pipelines that help them visualize their performance. Let us help liberate your team members stuck with 2001-ish reporting issues. Using our franchise CRM tools, you can eliminate all sorts of paperwork and headaches with a user-friendly dashboard. We’ll help you keep track of reporting, sales, and other franchising metrics effortlessly, all in one place.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

One of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand image and drive recurring business to your franchise units is by proactively managing your digital reputation. Our clients build a powerful brand image consistently with our franchise management software’s reputation management tools. Use our tools to request and remind customers to provide online reviews, ask for referrals, and cross-sell other services with our reputation management and retention automation tools.

Franchise Unit Operations Management

Franchise Unit Operations Management

Our franchise CRM solution makes it easy for franchise owners to organize and streamline their operations. From booking estimates to estimating, closing, and scheduling services, ClientTether helps franchise operators streamline their day-to-day tasks at every location consistently and effortlessly.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

We simplify brand-building through a franchise industry CRM that automates communication across emails, calls, and texts, no matter your organization's size or number of units. Our easy-to-use system is also coupled with industry-leading training, onboarding, and support so that you can learn and deploy this powerful resource rapidly and without the exorbitant costs of other big-box CRMs.

Our franchise CRM solution is empowering businesses across industries

Franchise Developement
Carpet Cleaning Services
Home Care Services
Painting Services
Home Products and Services
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Our esteemed clients

"The most impactful tool is the action plans, the automation. It's what sets ClientTether apart from other CRMs.
This is really going to help you grow, connect with your clients, sell jobs, and estimate with ease. For me, there's less stress involved, knowing that our platform is stable and reliable.
I would recommend ClientTether to anybody."

Color World Painting

Jon Boston
Vice President of Operations, Color World Painting