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  • Increase lead conversion up to 75%
  • Automate email, texting, and calls
  • Manage all customer interactions within our robust franchise CRM
  • Improve customer service, experience and satisfaction

The technology and pricing model behind our franchise software

At our core, we're designed to cater specifically to franchising and multi-unit business essentials.

We save our clients thousands by licensing per location, not per user

We don't have hidden database size or integration connection fees

We provide inexpensive and world-class onboarding and implementation services

Our license costs are customized to meet our clients' needs

Because we cater to both the franchise development and franchise unit operations with our franchise management software, our pricing options vary.

We offer a simplified license of our platform to franchise consultants and franchise brokers, and we have a more robust license that franchise development teams within Franchise Sales Organizations or Franchisor FranDev groups will use.

For franchisors seeking a solution to streamline franchisee sales and operations, we have a flat-rate per-unit license model that makes it easy for you to incorporate ClientTether into your Technology or Ad Fund and to maintain predictable costs.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your needs, and once we understand what will help you the most, we’ll gladly share our transparent and straightforward pricing options with you.

See what ClientTether can do for Your Business

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