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Our franchise management software, ClientTether, simplifies franchising for hundreds of brands. It streamlines franchise sales, creates insights from your data, organizes franchise operations and support, improves franchisee engagement, and even boosts sales and customer relationships at the franchise unit level.

Designed for franchise systems and multi-unit business models, ClientTether streamlines your unique sales cycles with fully integrated text, call, and email campaigns. It combines automation and customization for an organized sales approach that maintains your corporate brand while giving local operators and franchisees the ability to personalize engagement.We call that the perfect balance in franchising.

Automate Marketing Processes

Use our powerful franchise CRM marketing tools to craft a special journey for your customers. Easily create engaging content and track its impact on the ClientTether dashboard. Speed up your sales cycle and boost engagement at every stage. Keep your team informed by viewing, editing, and sharing dynamic sales pipelines and funnels. Streamline data entry to track customer demographics and details for more targeted marketing strategies and audience segmentation.

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