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ClientTether is the franchise CRM of choice for franchise unit operations and franchise sales teams, because of how easily we can boost lead contact rates, improve close rates, and strengthen client retention and only reviews with our CRM platform and automation tools.

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ClientTether is built to effortlessly scale alongside your franchise's growth, adapting to increased demands without sacrificing the quality of lead management, customer engagement, or support. This ensures that as your business expands, our franchise management software grows with you, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. For a deeper dive into how we can support your franchise's scaling needs, please head to our Contact page.

ClientTether's franchise management software offers features like automated SMS, email, and calling for improved customer engagement, AI tools for client inquiries, online review automation, custom lead forms for CQs or applications, mail/media delivery for enhanced engagement and post-sale customer satisfaction, automated Item 23 confirmation receipts, streamlined quoting, omnichannel nurturing, easy payment processing, Quickbooks integration, robust reporting and data visualization, and trigger-based automation for efficient operations. We have designed these tools to enhance lead response, improve close rates, increase franchise brand revenue, and ensure seamless operations for emerging brands. You can visit our Features page to learn more about our features in detail.

Our franchise management software fosters brand consistency across all franchise locations through centrally developed and deployed sales automation (Action Plans), integrating automated communication via text, email, and calls. These powerful tools enhance lead response and conversion with consistent customer journeys and messaging to keep sales efforts on brand from Phoenix to Boston. Its contact management and dynamic reporting systems facilitate seamless information flow. Apart from that, its operation management tools standardize processes across units, ensuring consistent service delivery. Our platform's emphasis on reputation management and CRM automation also supports unified brand messaging and customer engagement strategies. Visit our Franchises page to learn more about our franchise CRM solutions and also book a free demo.

Yes, ClientTether can integrate smoothly with various platforms commonly utilized by franchisors. It is compatible with a range of software systems including ClubReady, Google Sheets, HomeAdvisor, recur360, AnswerForce, Mailbox Power, Hireology, QuickBooks, Vonigo, and Zapier. We also have an open API, no-code email parsing, and configurable webhooks to ensure smooth data transfer from our platform into any other system with an open API. This interoperability allows for streamlined operations, centralized data management, and enhanced communication across different software environments within the franchise network. Visit our website to book a free demo.

We support service industries like home care and carpet cleaning by offering specialized CRM tools that automate client communication through calls, emails, and texts. It also streamlines operational tasks like booking and scheduling services, easy-to-use proposals, payments, and QuickBooks integrations that help in customer management for franchises, and improve lead response and sales follow-up. These features are designed to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in service-focused businesses.

ClientTether's support system is a game-changer for franchises. We offer unparalleled access to our team of dedicated client success managers - human representatives right from the heart of the USA. Because you’ll have their phone number, email address, and calendar link, help is just a phone call, text, click, or email away, ensuring that your business operations never skip a beat. This commitment to personalized support is more than just a service; we’re your franchise's partner in ensuring continuous, seamless operations and the ultimate customer satisfaction. You can visit our Support page for more information.

ClientTether supports marketing automation and customer engagement through sophisticated CRM functionalities. We leverage event-driven triggers, such as lead creation, proposal signing, deal closing, etc., to deploy targeted marketing campaigns, and automate customer outreach through personalized communication across multiple channels like SMS, email, and calls. We can deploy AI-driven conversations with franchise candidates or home/pet owners to optimize engagement strategies. This sequence of customer touchpoints ensures timely follow-ups, maximizes conversion rates and nurtures customer relationships at scale.

ClientTether sets itself apart with a technically sophisticated suite of franchise CRM solutions, integrating automated multi-channel communication (SMS, email, calls) with real-time customer engagement and lead management that creates true scale for your team. Our platform focuses on optimizing lead conversion, bolstering customer retention, and facilitating seamless operations across franchise networks. Furthermore, ClientTether offers dedicated onboarding and support from US-based teams, ensuring franchises have the resources to implement effective, data-driven strategies for sustained growth and operational excellence.

Here are the creative leaders behind ClientTether: Conrad Kolba, our founder, has a massive 25 years in the franchise world. Dave Hansen, our CEO, brings a sharp focus from his last five years in franchising, being a franchise owner and with 20 years leading sales teams. Kent Hall, the CTO, is a previous multi-unit franchisee and is the brain behind our cutting-edge tech and making sure our customers are happy. But our secret sauce is the other members of our team, who provide dedicated passion to helping our clients succeed in growing their businesses using our platform. Visit our About Us page to discover more about our exceptional team.

ClientTether offers customizable features to help grow your franchise by enhancing customer engagement and improving lead management. With a variety of pricing plans designed to meet different business needs, there’s an option for every franchise size and budget. To find the right plan for your business and discover how ClientTether can support your growth, visit our Pricing page for detailed information.

Not as much as you think! ClientTether is built with simplicity in mind, ensuring it's easy to use even if you're not tech-savvy. From the moment our team helps you set up your account, you'll find scheduling appointments and managing tasks straightforward. Plus, we offer personalized and accessible customer support, a detailed onboarding process, and an array of resources to help you master the software quickly. Whether it's through our one-on-one training, personalized guidance from your dedicated CSM, helpful instructional videos, insightful articles, or practical tips and tricks, you'll have everything you need to make the most out of ClientTether. Just head to the Support Section on our website to start exploring.

Security is at the forefront of what we do at ClientTether. We prioritize protecting your data, along with your clients, ensuring peace of mind for all our users. Our platform is fortified with industry-standard SSL Encryption, is protected by the best security tools available through AWS - the same technology trusted by big names such as Amazon, eBay, and Netflix, to secure every piece of information. Our dedicated technical team is always on the lookout for the latest in security advancements, we perform regular penetration testing, have AI security tools to monitor security threats, and are constantly developing new tools to ensure ClientTether is equipped with cutting-edge encryption and security protocols. For more in-depth information about our commitment to security and our practices, please refer to our privacy policy.

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