The Top Franchise Events You Should Attend in 2023

Whether you are a franchisor looking for new best practices, technology, and peer-to-peer networking, a franchise owner looking for new opportunities, or a franchise supplier looking for new prospective clients, franchise industry events are an invaluable resource to help.

In addition to gaining valuable insights, making new connections, and staying ahead of the competition, attending the right franchise events can help you take the next steps needed to grow your business, whether you’re an experienced franchisor or an emerging franchise system.

Here are some of the best franchise industry events and why we love them.

International Franchise Association Annual Convention

The IFA Convention is the International Franchise Association’s annual event, which brings together franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers from all over the world. The convention is one of the largest gatherings of franchising professionals in the world. It provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the industry, as well as to network with other professionals.

The convention is a must-attend event for franchising professionals. This convention is jam-packed with opportunities to explore every aspect of the franchising world, from business development ideas to personal growth strategies to unique networking situations. Franchise-focused education and community building are in one place, making it valuable for attendees.

Collaboration is the key to success in the franchise industry. The IFA Annual Convention provides a platform for industry professionals to come together, share their expertise, and connect. By sharing expertise, work, talent, creativity, and grit, attendees can collaborate and boost business for everyone in the franchising world.

Emerging Franchisor Conference

November 2-4, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee

The Emerging Franchisor Expo, organized by the International Franchise Association (IFA), is a premier event for emerging franchisors looking to grow and expand their businesses. It will feature a range of educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to help franchisors succeed. Attendees will have the chance to learn from industry experts and successful franchise leaders.

The expo is expected to attract hundreds of attendees from across the country. This makes it an ideal opportunity for emerging franchisors to network and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in the franchise industry.

International Franchise Expo

June 1-3, 2023 in New York City, NY

The International Franchise Expo (IFE) is one of the largest and most comprehensive franchise events in the world. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and franchisors from around the world attend IFE in New York City. Attendees can network with industry leaders, attend educational seminars and workshops, and explore hundreds of franchise opportunities across a wide variety of industries at this event. Additionally, the IFE features international pavilions showcasing franchises from all over the world.

While this is primarily an event for franchisors to showcase their businesses to prospective franchise buyers, many franchise suppliers, brokers, and partners will also attend and sometimes exhibit at this event.

It’s an excellent place to learn about the latest trends and innovations in franchising. Taking part in the IFE will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in franchising. The IFE offers exhibits and educational sessions but also a wide range of special events and activities. Speed networking events, franchisee boot camps, and even a Women’s Empowerment Summit are just a few examples.

No matter how much experience you have or how novice to franchising you are, you can’t miss the International Franchise Expo.

Franchise Expo South

September 8-9, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Similar to IFE, this event is the premier franchise event in the southern United States. This annual event is held in Houston, Texas, and features hundreds of exhibitors and educational sessions to provide attendees with information about franchising and franchise opportunities. Franchise Expo South features top franchise brands, workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches by industry experts.

Franchise Expo South boasts a distinctive feature: the Franchise Seminar Series. This is a collection of educational sessions aimed at providing attendees with insights into diverse franchising topics, including financing, legalities, and marketing. The series includes special sessions tailored for military veterans and women in franchising. Beyond the educational sessions, Franchise Expo South also provides ample networking opportunities, enabling participants to engage with franchisors and other professionals in the industry.

FCXC (Future of Customer Experience Conference)

June 20th-22nd, 2023 in Atlanta, GA

FCXC is a conference that focuses on customer experience and innovation. It brings together experts from various industries to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and technologies that can enhance the customer experience. Attendees can expect to hear from keynote speakers and participate in panel discussions covering topics such as customer service, user experience design, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the customer experience space and network with other professionals.

Springboard Conference

September 27-29, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA

The Springboard Conference is the top franchising event for emerging and growing franchisors. This is an annual event that helps entrepreneurs and startup companies grow and scale their businesses by participating in workshops, round tables, and networking sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Springboard covers a range of topics focused on helping emerging franchise systems grow, including business strategy, franchise marketing, fundraising, franchise development, and leadership development. It’s a valuable platform for learning and growth and provides opportunities for attendees to connect with other franchisors, suppliers, industry consultants, and investors.

FBR Franchise Summit

October 25-26, 2023 in Austin, TX

The FBR Franchise Summit is a top event for franchise industry professionals. It brings together franchise executives, investors, and consultants to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in franchising. The event includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions.

FBR Franchise Summit attendees can learn from industry experts and connect with potential partners and collaborators. Topics covered at the Summit include franchise development, marketing, and operations. It covers emerging trends such as the use of technology and data analytics in franchising.

Multi-Unit Franchise Conference

April 25-28, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV

The Multi-Unit Franchise Conference is an indispensable event for multi-unit franchise owners and operators, held annually in Las Vegas. This gathering brings together the most accomplished and seasoned franchisees in the industry. Attendees are in for a treat as they learn from industry leaders, engage in educational sessions and roundtables, and connect with fellow multi-unit franchise owners. Besides networking, the conference also presents an opportunity to discover upcoming franchise concepts and service providers.

Learning from other successful franchise owners is one of the key benefits of the Multi-Unit Franchise Conference. There are also roundtable discussions where attendees can share their experiences and best practices in addition to the standard educational sessions. There are several special events at the conference, including a Multi-Unit Franchise Awards Dinner and a Franchisee Shark Tank competition.

Franchise Leadership & Development Conference

October 18-20, 2023 in Atlanta, GA

The Franchise Leadership & Development Conference is an exclusive event designed for CEOs, Presidents, and Franchise Sales and Development Executives, hosted annually in Atlanta. This conference presents attendees with the opportunity to delve into the latest tactics and approaches for identifying and nurturing successful franchisees.

Apart from enriching educational sessions and panel discussions, the conference also features networking events, enabling franchise development professionals to connect with their peers. The conference provides opportunities to meet and engage with other industry experts in the field.

The Franchise Leadership & Development Conference provides attendees with the unique advantage of learning from industry experts and accomplished franchise developers. The conference encompasses a wide spectrum of educational sessions, including but not limited to topics such as lead generation, candidate selection, and franchisee onboarding. Attendees can also participate in roundtable discussions and network with other franchise development professionals.

National Restaurant Association Show

‍May 20-23,2023 in Chicago, IL

The National Restaurant Association Show is a prominent event in the restaurant industry, although it does not focus solely on franchising. Held annually in Chicago, this show attracts a lot of franchise businesses, with thousands of exhibitors showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the restaurant industry. Besides the standard exhibits, the National Restaurant Association Show features educational sessions and special events, such as the Foodservice Pitch Tank competition.

One of the advantages of attending the National Restaurant Association Show is gaining insights into emerging trends and innovations in the restaurant industry. This is particularly valuable for franchise businesses seeking to distinguish themselves from the competition and stay ahead of the curve. The show also presents opportunities for networking with other restaurant industry professionals and exploring new partnership possibilities.

Uncover New Opportunities at Franchise Events

Participating in franchise events is an excellent way to remain informed about the latest trends, strategies, and advancements in the industry. From large-scale expos to specialized conferences, franchisors and franchise professionals can build their networks and learn how to tackle the challenges they face today. Attending these events can provide valuable insights, facilitate new connections, and uncover new opportunities to take your franchise system to the next level.

Be on the lookout for these and other top franchise events in 2023. Mark your calendars. We hope this article helped you discover some of the best franchise events to attend in the upcoming year. These events will elevate your franchise system. Keep in mind that attending these events is an investment in your franchise’s success, so make the most of them!

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