SAM Cures Lead Follow-Up Blues [Absolute Air Success Story]

Lead follow-up blues are a thing of the past for Absolute Air, a home service business in Utah County, UT that has increased its new lead closing ratio from 15% to 45%+. This is a solid 3X increase.

Don’t go thinking, “…those leads must be better than mine.”

Absolute Air sends representatives to Home Depot stores, where they collect names from strangers walking by. That is as random as new leads get!

Hundreds of home service companies generate leads the same way. Nationally, these companies have a 15% closing rate. And so did Absolute Air, until they built-out their SAM framework in Client Tether.

In the world of Lead Follow-Up, speed is of the essence.

If you have been reading this blog very long, you know that waiting even 5 minutes to contact a new lead after the information is originally collected will decrease your chance of reaching that lead by 79%. Ouch!

Unfortunately, the average time lapse before first contact is attempted is 1.5 days. Double-ouch! Hence, the likelihood of reaching that new lead on the first contact is very low because your processes are too slow.

Compounding the struggle of lead follow-up being too slow is the required persistence needed to reach a new lead. On average it takes 6-8 contact attempts before you will actually reach a new lead. (Sigh!) Yet the average number of contact attempts is less than two. Meaning if your people and processes do not make the 6-8 attempts you are not being persistent enough to actually reach the new lead.

Is it any wonder lead follow-up is so ridiculously laborious? Not to fear, the root cause to lead follow-up blues can be conquered, in spite of previous process improvement failures.

Absolute Air used Client Tether’s SAM to kiss their lead follow-up blues away. The help received from SAM is like having a lightning-fast, dedicated, tireless worker processing new leads 24 hrs a day. Client Tether’s system is based on: Standardized Automated Messaging (™) or affectionately called SAM.

Standardized: The Client Tether system helps you consciously replicate your best practices for sharing information and organize your thoughts into Action Plans for Connecting, Converting, and Retaining your leads, clients and employees.

Automated: The Client Tether system will consistently personalize and send your standardized messages within seconds of receiving a new lead and persistently pursue those leads with friendly personalized communications for as long as your unique sales cycle demands.

Messaging Modes: The Client Tether system uses at least 3 modes of communication: Text, Email and Phone Calls – in any combination to deliver your Standardized Automated Messaging (™)

Hear the story directly from Absolute Air.

Home Service Business and Franchises alike are enjoying increased lead conversion rates with SAM.

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