Franchise Sales & Service Automation: ClientTether & Waterstreet Partnership

For many years, burgers were served without fries and peanut butter was spread on sandwiches without the company of jelly. This didn’t detract from the deliciousness of either one, but in retrospect, they now seem a bit incomplete.

Our franchisor and service clients have been using ClientTether to automate lead conversion, sales, client retention, and online review management with great success for several years. As a result, we’ve seen many improve lead conversion rates by 50%-700%.

Likewise, franchise systems have been thriving in their operational and service management using Waterstreet’s FranchiZOR, FranchiZEE, and FranchiZING tools. These franchise management tools have been driving franchisor success for more than 20 years now.

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Waterstreet to pair these two powerful platforms together.

“This partnership will yield exactly what modernizing franchise systems are looking for to optimize their sales and marketing and then make sure they have a deep toolset to manage their ongoing field service needs,” said Jeff Dumont, President & CEO of Waterstreet. “This unique technology pairing is exactly what every service-based franchise system needs to truly compete today.”

In partnership, ClientTether and Waterstreet have released an early integration with a home service franchise system with more than 170 locations in the United States. The best part about this rollout isn’t just the increased revenue and client engagement with individual franchise owners. It’s how the owners feel about the software and how it is reducing their administrative work while driving increased sales.

Now, we’re road mapping a deeper integration between both systems that will provide our franchisors a more seamless experience managing both franchise sales automation and franchised field services.

When a service is scheduled, automated and customized 1-to-1 communications can confirm appointments. When a service has been delivered, customized invitations are sent for an online review.

“Our vision is to automate a rich client experience from end-to-end for our franchise system and other clients,” said Dave Hansen, President of ClientTether. “The power and scalability of what ClientTether and Waterstreet’s suite of franchise management tools can offer far surpasses any other toolset in the market. And these tools are constantly getting better.”

To see how some of our clients are scaling their franchisee sales and marketing automation, take a look at the success vides on our Resource Page.

Explore some of the tools included in ClientTether’s client engagement platform to learn how you can automate your lead conversion and sales processes.

To learn more about Waterstreet’s robust franchise management solutions, click here.

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