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Software designed specifically to increase lead conversion rates

Having been a founder and consultant to many franchise brands, ClientTether's founder and CEO - Conrad Kolba, started noticing a massive decline in some of the key sales metrics using traditional sales CRM systems. He began to realize a downward trend as the number of leads received compared to the amount of appointments or opportunities to talk to those leads (lead conversion) had dropped from the 80% range to down around 50%. As a result, franchisees needed to almost double their marketing spends just to get in front of the same amount of people. It had become painfully clear that the traditional email lead notification and manual phone call follow-up system was broken, and it seemed to be getting worse each year.

This is where ClientTether began.

Since ClientTether's inception, not only did Conrad's franchise businesses begin to thrive once again with lead conversion rates sometimes as high as 75%, but owners were spending much less time administering to their business as they now had software to facilitate lead responses as well as an efficient project/client management tool that did all the heavy lifting for them!

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Think a 30-40% lead conversion rate is normal?
ClientTether will make you believe otherwise!

Today, there are companies that think a 30-40% lead conversion rate is normal, and we've worked with groups where were as low as 12.5%...which is quite scary to imagine.


It was not that long ago when potential customers simply picked up a phone book and called a business directly to inquire about doing business. Easy-peasy. All businesses had to do was answer the phone and not bomb the sales call.

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But now, the majority of the leads are not from people calling in, but from the internet (including website lead forms, home services apps etc.). Prospective customers now submit their information through a form or app, then expect the business to contact them back.

Because ClientTether automates lead response, client engagement, online review gathering, and simplifies the customer quoting and sales process for our franchisees and hundreds of others today, our clients see an immediate boost to their lead conversion rates once they roll out our platform. Many of them experience 75% lead conversion rates. With the average lead conversion rates by industry averaging between 15% and 40%, you can imagine the business impact it has on a business to double or triple that metric.

Why do lead conversion rates suffer?

The current process of customer leads pouring in through apps and website forms is convenient for the customer and great for the business owner, in theory, but there are some major problems with this process. These and several other reasons are why we created ClientTether:

  1. It's time consuming to get back in contact with new leads, and business and franchise owners are busy.

  2. When leads submit their information, they expect to talk to someone right then, not hours or days later (within 5 minutes is the standard to optimize lead conversions).

  3. If our franchisees were not Johnny-on-the-spot calling them as soon as the lead came in, they would lose the lead. They needed a system that would call them to connect them to the leads.

  4. If our franchisees were to call them back, they would most likely only call them once...maybe twice before giving up on that lead (now, we know that they need between 6-9 touches to optimize lead conversions).

  5. And in almost all cases, they were never able to call, text or email them again and again with a concerted effort.

  6. Our franchisees needed to spend more effort to manage their online reviews and reputation, which again required additional time they didn't have.

  7. CRMs available were not designed for the hierarchical structure needed to support franchisor and franchisee requirements.

  8. It was difficult to find franchise software that integrated CRM, lead engagement, and proposal and quoting tools effectively (It still is outside of ClientTether).