Improve Speed2Lead with ClientTether

ClientTether has been ranked as one of the top 2 franchise technology services in 2023 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

We are proud to be recognized as a leading provider of franchise CRM, sales automation, and franchise sales tools for franchisors in North America.

Watch your Franchise System Grow with ClientTether

ClientTether stands out as the ultimate fully automated franchise/multi-location CRM and lead engagement automation system.Packed with an array of powerful features, our platform is designed to streamline your operations and supercharge your franchise network.From seamless communication and digital signature capabilities to advanced estimation tools and multi-location top-down reporting for essential functions like royalty calculations, ClientTether has got you covered.

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Our Franchise CRM Platform Will:

Contact Grouping and Management
Accelerate Lead
Response Time

Capture more leads with automated action plans based on customizable data points.

Automate Client
Engagement & Re-

Make your customers feel like they're your only customer with automatic, unique, customizable client engagement tools.

Streamline Quoting

Customizable proposal templates can be automated to include tax, parts, labor, and other costs.Keep everyone on your team updated, no matter the size of your organization.

Optimize Lead Conversion

Increase your chances of closing a deal with access to relevant data points about new leads. matter the size of your organization.

Maximize Marketing

Gain critical insights into how well your marketing campaigns are performing. Quickly identify trend and make adjustments based on actual data.

Boost Online Reputation
& Increase Visibility

Capture concerns and negative feedback immediately in order to alert team members and streamline resolution, keeping customer service and client response a top priority.

Because Being First Really Does Matter

Your marketing spend is creating great leads. How quickly you connect with and nurture them determines how many convert and eventually become raving fans. You have 5 minutes to connect before your chance of making contact and converting them drops by 10X. Wait 30 minutes and it drops 100X.

The old approach of relying on manual sales follow-up with some marketing email automation just won't cut it. That's where ClientTether steps in—lead engagement with calls, texts, emails, and phone reminders to your staff with our easy-to-use client engagement platform.