Wanna Look Like a Rockstar? [The Maids Success Story]

Every franchisor aims to give the best products and services to their franchisees, especially in their marketing and sales. Ideally, franchise systems seek to improve franchisee business, allow them to work a little less, make a little more, close more sales, and increase their lead flow. At the same time, they're trying to do all this while maintaining or decreasing overall marketing spend. Easy, right?

If you're a franchisor, like I am, this is always top of mind—how can I make our system better, and how can I make our franchisees more efficient, happier, and wealthier?

One of my favorite partners and clients is The Maids International, an incredible home cleaning service franchise. Not only do they excel in their cleaning methodology, but they're constantly striving to help their franchisees to improve efficiency and increase sales.

Ken Doty, from The Maids International, identified some deficiencies in their marketing and sales processes and realized they needed a solution that would be easy to implement and use that would automate a lot of the busy work that slows down owners.

After some pretty intense research, he concluded that ClientTether was the solution for his franchise marketing and sales automation (yes, sales automation can be done. Read about it here). As Ken says, their franchisees were so busy taking care of their current customer base and calls coming in, that they just weren't able to handle everything that was on their plate–a balance for which many franchisees struggle.

Ken discovered that ClientTether would drastically improve the way they ran their business, and balance their current customer base and new calls coming in. “ClientTether allowed us an opportunity to take care of everyone in a very timely fashion. That improved our close rate, that improved our engagement rate, and customers now are responding with a lot more positive responses.”

In addition to their newfound workload balance, The Maids International franchisees are also gaining a lot more efficiency in how they engage and re-engage clients. They are able to track every lead they receive, and none of them fall through the cracks.

Here's a video from Ken giving a few more details about how ClientTether is impacting their success.

As a franchisor, you know what needs to be said to the franchisees' clients, when they should be contacted, and how often and in what manner they should be contacted. You train these concepts to franchisees over and over again. Yet, they still have a hard time following through with your perfectly laid out plans for them and their franchise marketing, because they're busy running a small business.

Why is that? Lots of reasons—they're human, they make mistakes, balls drop, and they can only do so many things during the day, etc.

Because of ClientTether, The Maids International franchisees are “very excited…for the first time they're able to actually see what funnel [their clients] are in…what's the value of that funnel…it's very exciting.”

Ken shared that their franchisees' “communications are automatically going out even if they forget!”

Happy franchisees makes a happy franchisor, and in turn, will sell more franchises. Franchise marketing has many facets, and if you want a complete solution, like Ken (and many others) want, please check out ClientTether to see how it can start making you look like a rock star!

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