Using Video to Engage Clients

Did you know that using video to engage clients on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%?.

Additionally, combining video with full page ads boosts engagement by 22%!

There is a valuable opportunity for your business to implement video in your sales and marketing efforts to engage clients.

I recently had some first-hand experience with this.

I am working on an email marketing campaign to garner some leads for content collaboration.

As I was writing out 3-4 email templates, I realized that while I was confident in the subject line and greeting, the content within the emails was getting repetitive, and likely they wouldn’t hold the interest of my recipients for too long.

After noticing this dilemma, I had a quick brainstorm with my boss and he recommended using a video message in one of the emails. He had some positive experience with his video messages.

Originally, the idea intimidated me. I am an awkward person in front of the camera. I tend to rely heavily on notes, so I come off a tad unnatural, and I was just plain nervous.

All of these insecurities aside, I also saw the benefit this video would bring.

The audience I would be sending it to are typically very busy, they receive a high quantity of emails, and they likely read a lot of repetitive information.

So, video messaging was the antidote to boredom, repetition, and too-long paragraphs.

They would be watching something engaging, it would be quick and easily digestible, and it would be a fun way to break up the repetitive information they receive.

I also learned including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

In the end, with a lot of notes from my boss, I had a video that was fun, quirky, quick, and full of all the pertinent information.

What is the true value of using video to engage your clients?
    • Video boosts conversion, click-through rates, and sales.
    • Great ROI. Creating video content is cheaper than ever. You can use your smartphone to record then edit using free online software.
    • Client engagement immediately increases. Our strongest sense is visual, so appealing to that using facial emotions, fun and quirky sets, or animated stories increases engagement.
    • Trust is built between customer/client and business. The use of video puts a face to a name or brand, this is where trust can be established.
    • Using video also provides clarity and answers to your consumer. Traditionally, you would write everything down for them to read i.e. an instruction manual. But how many times have we skimmed the instruction manual because they are too wordy? Using video answers and shows all the questions for your product or service in an easy and digestible way.
    • Adding a video to your web page increases the time that people will spend on your webpage watching the video. This is probably why we get a lot of time spent on our Resources page–it’s filled with video content! And that time spent leads to a higher ranking on google searches.

    The benefits of using video to engage clients are nearly limitless.

    I could continue to write bullet-point after bullet-point.

    But that would probably not be very engaging.

    Should I make a video of 50 reasons why video marketing is taking over?

    If you want to see one, comment below and we will make it happen!

    In the mean-time, tell us how your video marketing campaigns went. Were they successful? Why or why not?

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