Wanna Look Like a Rockstar? [The Maids Success Story]

Posted on Mar 27th 2019

Every franchisor aims to give the best products and services to their franchisees, especially in their marketing and sales. Ideally, franchise systems seek to improve franchisee business, allow them to work a little less, make a little more, close more sales, and increase their lead flow. At the same time, they’re trying to do all this while maintaining or decreasing overall marketing spend. Easy, right?

If you’re a franchisor, like I am, this is always top of mind—how can I make our system better, and how can I make our franchisees more efficient, happier, and wealthier?

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Lead Conversion Paradox (For Marketing Agencies)

Posted on Mar 19th 2019

I had a meeting recently with the founder of a highly respected digital marketing agency, and his comments about lead conversion caught me a little off guard.

This firm specializes in SEO, PPC, and some managed services, and they’re good. They focus a lot of attention on educating their clients, so they can truly partner with them in their lead gen/marketing processes. Their staff know their craft. They only hire the brightest grads to work with them, and they are successful.

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10 Best Email Subject Lines

Posted on Mar 12th 2019

With more than 124 billion business emails being sent per day and the average office worker receiving more than 100, we all have a lot of inbox clutter to manage.

Despite the clutter, email can still be an effective way to communicate with and engage prospects and customers. Yet, unless our clients are opening our emails, they’re pretty much useless.

So, as business owners, marketing and sales professionals, the question we need to ask is “What are the most effective ways to increase email open rates”? One of the simplest answers is using effective email subject lines.

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Increase Lead Response & Conversion by 6X (Clean Green Success Story)

Posted on Feb 26th 2019

We recently spent a day with some of our clients, who shared their business challenges and how ClientTether has helped them. After a few laughs and groans about common challenges they faced, we noticed some issues that they shared - lead response, lead conversion, and ROI on marketing spend. 

Rather than talk about the great videographer team, the funny setting issues, or anything else, we want to give you the highlights of the story of one of our favorite home service clients, Jeff of Clean Green Carpet Cleaning (other success stories can be found here).

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Franchise Sales & Service Automation: ClientTether & Waterstreet Partnership

Posted on Feb 22nd 2019

For many years, burgers were served without fries and peanut butter was spread on sandwiches without the company of jelly. This didn’t detract from the deliciousness of either one, but in retrospect, they now seem a bit incomplete.

Our franchisor and service clients have been using ClientTether to automate lead conversion, sales, client retention, and online review management with great success for several years. As a result, we've seen many improve lead conversion rates by 50%-700%.

Likewise, franchise systems have been thriving in their operational and service management using Waterstreet’s FranchiZOR, FranchiZEE, and FranchiZING tools. These franchise management tools have been driving franchisor success for more than 20 years now.

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Waterstreet to pair these two powerful platforms together.

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